Looking for installation or repairs of an Evaporative Cooling system in Melbourne?

Service or Repair Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling is a wise choice for people who want to keep their energy costs down. In comparison to other types of air conditioning, evaporative cooling provides fresh, clean air, creating a pleasant living environment for your family in your Melbourne home, however proper installation, service and repairs are necessary.

The system operates simply by passing air through the wet filter pads, cooling it down and distributing fresh cool air throughout your home. This solution for cooling is the first choice for those who may suffer from hay fever or allergies.


Evaporative cooling has the following advantages over a refrigerated system:

  1. You can save up to 50% on the purchase price over a ducted air conditioning system or split systems.
  2. Energy savings in peak usage can be a whopping 90% on refrigerated systems. That means you just use 10% of the electricity, which makes them also ideal to run on solar power
  3. Overall energy savings of around 80%
  4. About 80% less greenhouse gas production
  5. The flow through ventilation brings in plenty of fresh air
  6. In dry areas, refrigerated systems will dehydrate the air, while evaporated cooling keeps humidity acceptable.
  7. The higher humidity can reduce irritation to allergens

Melbourne’s leaders in evaporative cooling installation and repairs

Don’t risk hiring a technician who is unfamiliar with your systems. You need The Heating & Cooling Company, we are the evaporative cooling installation and repairs experts in Melbourne. We are able to fix almost any problem affecting any brand of evaporative cooler.

Our team of highly skilled evaporative cooling specialists have years of experience in the industry, servicing not only Melbourne homes, but also schools, offices, businesses, community groups, healthcare institutions, sporting organisations and more.

We pride ourselves on our prompt and professional service. When you call us, a member of our dedicated team will be there as soon as possible to assess the problem, and have it fixed in no time.

Don’t let your family suffer from excessive heat this summer. The Heating and Cooling Company will get your evaporative cooling unit up and running in a flash so you can get relief from the heat.

Contact us now on 0400 483 295, or fill out the enquiry form on the right, when you need evaporative cooling installation or repairs in Melbourne!

Highly recommended. Nice people, I have had them out twice now. Once to fix my Evaporative cooler, and the other to service my central heater. Both times they were friendly and arrived within the time they gave me.

January, 2017


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